Devils Delight Characters

Let us look at the different characters that the Devil Delight game has to offer. In total there are 13 different symbols in this slot that may give you a winning combination. Three of them are bonus symbols, the scatters that gives you free spins, the bonus symbols that earns you both cash and souls that builds your soul-o-meter and the wild devil symbols that fills your reel and substitutes for any other regular symbol.

We start with the lowest value characters and range them for what they are worth. The symbol with the lowest value is first on the list and then we just continue and show you every character that the Devils Delight game has to offer.

First out is the queen tombstone symbol. Most videoslots have a variation of the ace, king and queen symbols and in Devils Delight they are all placed on tombstones. This is the lowest paying character and three of them on a payline from left to right will earn you 3 coins. Four of them pays 15 coins and if you manage to fill a payline with this symbol you are awarded with 30 coins. Its likely not the symbol that will rake in the big money for you but when playing slots we are happy for every penny that comes our way.

Every poker player likes it when a king hits their whole cards and the next symbol on the list is the king tombstone character. This green tombstone symbol has a golden K engraved and a scull lying right next to it. The prize takes a mini jump from the queen tombstone and three subsequent symbols will earn you 5 coins. If you manage to get four of them on a payline you get 20 coins and a full payline with green tombstones pays out 50 coins. So lets jump on to the last of the tombstone symbols in the Devils Delight family.

Following up on the first two tombstone characters, the final symbol is ofcourse engraved with an ace. This is the favorite card for almost any poker player and the highest paying symbol between the three different tombstone characters. The ace tombstone is brown and on top of it sits a crow to make you even more scared. The prizes are still not amazing but with three ace tombstones on a single payline you will earn 6 coins. When you get four of these symbols the prize increases to 25 coins and a full payline of brown ace tombstones pays 75 coins.

The fourth character on the Devils Delight paytable is the sceleton hand rolling a couple of dices. The symbol is one of three characters with burning flames in the background and with these you will also need a minimum of three on a row to get a payout. The prizes has gone slightly up from the tombstone symbols and three sceleton hands from left to right will earn you 7 coins. Four of them pays out 30 coins and again, when all the five symbols on a payline is sceleton hands you have earned 100 coins.

Character number five on the list is the devils heart. As a member of the burning background family the devils heart is equipped with a tail and wings. There is no surprice that the heart symbol is red and the prizes will again increase a little bit. Three devil hearts on a row pays out 8 coins, four of them is 40 coins and when you manage to get all five you have earned 125 coins. Remember that the actual amount you win is related to the coin value you have chosen to play with.

On to the last character in the burning flames family is a symbol the developers just couldnt leave out. The sixth symbol on the list is the famous number of the beast, 666 – three sixes. This is the last symbol in what we could call the low value family but the prize is ofcourse a tad higher than the last one. Three number of the beast symbols pays out 10 coins. Four of them on the same payline will give you 50 coins and whenever you end up with five of them on the same payline you have secured 150 coins.

Next in line is four symbols in what we could call the coloured circle family. These symbols have higher payouts and another big difference is that you only need two of them to win coins. The first character looks like a gremlin looking up from a saucepan. Two cooked gremlins will pay you 5 coins, three of them will earn you 20 coins and four of these symbols on the same line pays 75 coins. When you are lucky and fill the entire payline with the symbol you leave the spin with an amazing 1000 coins.

The second symbol in this family is a red mini devil carrying the devils fork. This funny little guy will for sure bring home some fun when he fills the reels. Two mini devils pays out 6 coins and three of them is worth 30 coins. When four mini devils lands on your payline you earn yourself a healthy 125 coins and the grand daddy is ofcourse five of these symbols that pays out 1500 coins. You should also keep in mind that all of the regular symbols can be replaced by the wild character to create a winning combination.

The next character is also a funny cartoon devil. He brings more cash to the table and you should be able to excuse him for his special looks when he helps filling up your wallet. This symbol is a fat purple devil that is using his devils fork to fry a sausage. Just two purple devils in a row will earn you 7 coins and three of them are worth 40. When you end up with four characters on a payline from left to right, 150 coins comes your way, but you need another one to get it really interresting. Five barbeque devils results in a payout of 2000 coins.

We have come to the last regular character on the list and also the highest paying symbol except the bonus features. What else than a women devil carrying four aces up hir sleve could top this paytable? The women devil character has red devilish skin and long hair. Only two symbols in a row will earn you 10 coins, add another one and you go up to 50 coins. Getting four of kind of this symbol pays out 200 coins and when she fills the payline you are off with 4000 coins.

Only three symbols are left on the list and all of them are characters you always want to show up. These are bonus symbols and the first one is the WILD symbol represented by the game`s own fat devil. The wild symbol can substitue for all the regular characters to form a winning combination. Devils Delight is one of few games that has the expanding wild feature. When you get the wild symbol on a payline it fills up the entire reel and helps substitute for other characters. You will notice that only a single wild symbol can lead to big payouts.

The Grim Reaper is the real bonus symbol in the Devils Delight game. To activate the bonus round you will need three of the symbols to appear on reel 3,4 and 5. In the bonus game you must match characters with different sins and every time you hit you win cash and fill up your soul-o-meter. When you manage to fill up your soul-o-meter you are awarded 10 sin spins on a special game inside the game feature. The souls you earn in the bonus game are saved for 48 hours.

Last on the list is the symbol that many players find most exciting. The scatter symbol represents the oppertunity to get free spins. Whats unique with scatter symbol is that it doesnt need to fall on a payline to count. Once you get three scatter symbols on the board you are secured free spins. You can get up to 15 free spins and your prizes multiplied by 5. Once you have entered the free spins rounds you will only need two scatters on the board to either get more free spins or your multiplier increased.